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Biography : Hi my name is Jim and I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years. My passion is to help everyone I work with change their lives in the most effective way possible. For me this goes beyond just simply helping people physically look better, I also help to improve performance, mindset, motivation and their lifestyle.

Credentials : I have my AS degree in exercise science with a special focus on personal training. Going to be completing my BS in exercise science later this year. I am a Master level personal trainer with the ISSA. I also have my certifications in Exercise therapy, strength and conditioning coach, corrective exercise, nutrition, youth fitness, transformation specialist, bodybuilding specialist

My Approach : When first meeting with a client I make sure that I listen to them. I listen to what their goals are, what their motivation to training is, and if there are any injuries or health conditions that I need to be aware of. I also investigate what their triggers are. I want to uncover what they are vulnerable to, what causes them to eat

Why Train With Me : I have the knowledge and desire to help people achieve their goals in the most effective way of reaching them. I work deeply with my clients to uncover any possible road blocks they might encounter to help develop the perfect routine for them. Along with educating my clients I provide motivation and accountability to help keep my clients working towards their goals. I also help my clients establish life long habits to keep them healthy, along with working with my clients to help them avoid injuries.


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