Simple, quick, easy.

Step 1: Choose your goal

Pick a category that fits with your fitness or health goal from our menu once you hit the start here button.

Step 2: Pick a trainer

Browse personal trainers until you find the one that you think best suits you.

Step 3: Payment

Choose your plan and enter in your payment information.

Step 4: Communicate

Communicate with your personal trainer and receive important information like meal plans, workout regiments, and other resources through our website or app.

Step 5: Work hard

Now it's time to put in the work. Even with a great personal trainer, top notch meal plan, and an intuitive website and app to help you along the way you won't get anywhere if you don't put in the work. This means hitting the gym, eating new foods, resisting cravings, going for one more rep. You've got this. We'll be rooting for you every step of the way.


Finally when you have accomplished what you set out to do, enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Show your friend your new six pack, strut around in those jeans that fit again, wake up feeling refreshed and energized as you eat a new delicious (and healthy) breakfast!

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