We are a start-up company looking to change the way people do online training.  We provide you as a trainer with a full platform to provide your services, online software for keeping track of clients, and a fully functioning app for both you and your clients to use. 

We are focused on building the best platform for connecting trainers and clients. We do everything on a freelance based manner, meaning you do not work for us you work with us.  We help provide you with clients through our site and you set your own prices.  That’s right, whatever you feel that your programs and coaching should cost is what you are able to charge.  

We ask that for every client you bring on with us you are to provide them with a personalized meal plan, workout plan, and accountability and motivation throughout their time working with you.  If you feel you are a good fit and have an interest in working with us.  Fill out this short questionnaire below and we will get into contact with you soon after!